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Red Tail Golden
Red Tail Golden

Red Tail Golden

Commonly known as Red Tail Golden (RTG).

   It can be further classified into common RTG and High Back/Premium RTG. The prior exhibit a gold colourisation up to the 4th while the latter has it gold colourisation rise to the 5th scale level and sometimes even on the 6th scale level when in adulthood

   The whole gill cover is a glittering gold color and does not have any red color. The back portion is dark green, including the dorsal fin and upper half of its tail fin.

   Both can be further classified into Blue, Purple, Gold, Green and the Silver-Based types, implying the core color of the scales..

   Premium RTG usually commands a higher price than the common RTG.All our fish gets delivered with all certificates

Category Golden Arowana
Price Range: $390 - $1800
Available Size 6inch to 33 inches