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Australia Arowana
Australia Arowana

Australia Arowana

  Commonly known as the Australia Arowana or Scleropages Jardini

   There are commonly 2 varieties of Australia Arowanas:, Green Pearl & Red Pearl.

   It is quite similar to the Asian Arowana, except that the it have a more scales with green or red spots.

   the Australia Pearl has 7 rows whereas Asian Arowana has 5 rows (horizontially) of scales or scales.

    The Pearl Arowana have cresent-shape coloured scales and the tail are usually black colour with small gold spots. Its colour range from coppery-gold to gold colour.

    It is also not a protected or endangered species.All comes with Cites Permit Documents

Category Rare Varieties
Price Range: $300 - $700
Available Size 6inch to 30 inches